A Piano in a Room

Q: What age should my child begin music lessons?
A:The optimum age is 8, however younger children can have an aptitude for musical rhythm and can begin at age 4, or 5.

Q: What are some of the goals I need to expect my child to have in a life of music?
A: The ultimate challenge for a parent is to nurture your child in a positive manner void of constant nagging that could potentially harm him/her present or future development. Having the child grow musically is the first goal of the teacher rather than the yearly examination schedule that may bring unexpected results.

Q: What style of music should my child learn and is it necessary to ensure a musical school credit is achieved?
A: We must never confine a child to a certain genre or style of music and always draw from many different sources. Taking examinations to achieve a school credit is attainable although not the entire circumference of one's musical growth pattern.

Q: What happens if my child gets discouraged throughout his/her musical study all year?
A: There are many approaches to this art and we must never limit the musical study to technique or graded repertoire. Striking a balance of classical and/or popular music can allow a student to appreciate the various styles that evolved from these eras.

Q: Are Festivals and examinations necessary and should I encourage my child to participate in them?
A: Festivals and examinations can be rewarding however discouraging at times. They allow performance exposure which can enhance the student's ability and self-confidence. We must never allow another person's view or perspective to govern our future development as a potential musician.