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You are the best piano teacher EVER! Words cannot describe how awesome you are. You are the most tolerant, understanding piano teacher I've ever had. I am sorry for any negative use of your time. You have let me work at my own pace, style, and range. All I can say is thank you. -Eric

Thank you for giving Celine and Sophie a fun musical experience. Your help with Celine's francophone singing contest is especially appreciated. Your passion for music shines through in your classes and we wish you all the best with your future teaching endeavours. -The Boulangers

I wish I had more than words on a piece of paper to thank you for your tutelage. In the past four years being your student, I've learned not to only know how to play piano, polish my technique and adapt to new styles of music, but how to grow up with patience, ambition and an appreciation for music. You're the teacher everyone should have. Kindly to a misstep, patient, acquiescent, encouraging, nurturing, with skill and a humble nature, these are parts of you that make themselves apparent to your students every single lesson. Even when I exhibit the traits of a normal teenage girl lie frustration, distractible, lack of dedication, you refused to yield to my attitude and helped me believe that I was somehow remarkable. You've helped my personal and piano skills develop leaps and bounds during the time that I was your student. And I hope that as I leave for university, you'll remember me and keep me in your thoughts, as I will for you. Whenever we both hear Chopin's Nocturnes or play the Gymnopedies before going to school, I know there will be a flash I bring, good seeing remembrance. To sir with love. -Emily R.

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